What Is Occupational Therapy?

If you have experienced an illness, an injury or other condition that interferes with your ability to do the things you want to do and the things you need to do in your daily life, you may benefit from occupational therapy.

I help people regain skills they may have lost because of an injury or a change in their health.  That often means working to recover the abilities you need to do your job.  Or, if you’re retired, it includes the daily living skills you may lose due to physical or cognitive changes that come with aging.  This is particularly important in home evaluations for home health care or home safety, with a goal of helping you continue to live independently in your own home.

Using a holistic perspective I focus on adapting the environment or the task to fit you and your needs.  An evidence-based practice, occupational therapy is deeply rooted in science.

I do an individual evaluation, part of which involves working with you and your family to determine the goals of the therapeutic program.  Then I customize a plan of therapy to improve your ability to reach those goals.  After the therapy program I do an outcomes evaluation to assure that your goals are being met or that the plan is adjusted to help improve progress.